Waterproofing is the most important part while constructing wet areas such as toilets. A minor fault can cause leakage problems resulting in repeating the entire work for rectifying the same involving loss of money and manhours.

The procedure mentioned below can be very effective as it builds multiple layers of waterproofing to ensure that the toilet floor is completely watertight:

  • Clean the toilet area under treatment and make it free from any undulations.
  • Prepare a mixture of cement slurry and waterproofing compound in thick liquid form and apply it to the entire toilet floor are and turning up towards the wall by 9". This forms a first base layer filling up all the gaps and micro holes of the slab beneath.
  • Prepare a second layer of concrete bed mixed with waterproofing admixture with required slope over the base layer to carry the floor plumbing lines.In case of any leakage from the joints of plumbing pipes the same is taken care of with the two layers below.It is important for this second layer to turn up towards the wall upto the extent that it is slightly above the floor tile level.This prevents the water entering from the junction of floor tile & wall tile to reach the lowermost waterproofing layer directly.
  • The plumbing lines/pipes should be then covered from the sides either with a line of bricks or concrete bed to ensure that any weight from above is not transfered to the pipes directly.
  • Cement sand mortar in the ratio of 1:4 should be then laid and compacted maintaing the required slope towards the floor drain. Floor drain should encased in concrete from all sides upto the mortar bed level to make the junction leakproof.
  • Cement slurry should be poured on the mortar bed before fixing every floor tile as per the required design.
  • Finally the joints of flooring should be filled neatly with grout of desired colour to conclude the job.