Wall finishing is one of the most important aspect and should be properly taken care of.

Painting is the most commonly used and preferred option. The process of carrying out painting work is as follows:

  • Rub the entire wall and ceiling surface with sand paper to remove minor undulations.
  • Apply first coat of primer onto the surface.
  • Apply first coat of wall putty on the entire surface.
  • Rub the surface with sand paper and again repeat second coat of wall putty.
  • Rub the surface again to make it smooth and apply second coat of primer.
  • Finally apply 2 to 3 coats of paint as required. The interval between the paint coats should be sufficient enough for the previous coat to dry completely. 


Wall paper is also used for wall covering generally to highlight a wall or it can also be used for an entire room. The process requires following steps:

  • Making the wall surface smooth with one or two coats of wall putty as done for painting work.
  • Special adhesive is applied for bonding of wall paper with the wall.
  • Wall paper which is available in rolls of specific width  is laid and stuck accurately with the joints properly aligned at the sides.
  • The air bubbles formed between the wall paper and wall are removed by proper pressing of entire sheet.
  • The uncut wall paper (in roll form) is properly cut in straight line towards the floor, ceiling, switch plates etc to conclude the job.