Wall tiles are available in various sizes and can be either ceramic, glazed tiles or vitrified tiles. The selection of wall tile is done along with the flooring to match the joints at their junction. The application of wall tiles is done as mentioned below:

  • The wall height is measured and generally full (uncut) tile is planned to be on the topmost layer. Following this rule and based on the tile measurement tile marking is done.
  • Wall tile fixing is generally started from the second lowermost layer is the fixing proceeds upwards.
  • The lowermost layer is finally fixed bu cutting the tiles as per the slope required( specially in case of toilets).
  • Suitable colour grouting is finally done to conclude the job.

It is not necessary always to take the uncut tiles on the topmost layer. Even in such cases the above method holds true with the only difference lying in the marking of tiles i.e Tiling to start from the second layer from the bottom due to the fact that slope in flooring of wet areas is generally given and hence bottommost layer of wall tiles has to be cut & fixed accordingly.