Plumbing is one the most important works while carrying out inetrior of any space. A minor error or fault in plumbing can result in repeating entire work involving a huge loss of money and man power. The process and points to be taken care of is as mentioned below:

  • Mark the locations of sanitary fittings, floor traps etc.
  • Carry out wall chasing/ chipping work to conceal the pipes.
  • Lay all the G.I or PVC pipes for inlet and outlet on the walls and floor. Piping work is done after the waterproofing is finished. Pipes of good quality should be used to avoid any future problems. In case of CPVC pipes appropriate pipes for cold and hot water should be used.
  • For water supply inlet the diameter of pipes  used are 1", 3/4" & 1/2" where the diameter of main branch (of pipe) coming to a particular toilet, kitchen, pantry etc is more and the sub branches are reduced gradually.
  • The diameter of soil pipes should be 100mm (4") and that of waste water pipe 75mm(3")
  • Make all the joints watertight and conduct a water testing to ensure the same.
  • Let the floor and wall tiling process to happen.
  • Fix all the sanitary fittings & fixtures by proper threading/ fixing method and making the joints leakproof.
  • In case of watertanks provision of overflow drain has to be given and properly terminated into the floor drain.