Use of glass partitions is a common feature in modern offices as it not only defines individual areas but also gives a feeling of space by visual connectivity between different areas of offices. As a measure of safety use of toughened glass is highly recommended and is generally used for office iinterior works to avoid any accidents & harm. Glazed partitions may be full height or semi glazed (half height) as per the design or requirement.Execution of Glass partitions involves following steps and precautions:

  • Floor surface should be levelled and made properly horizontal or adjusted to enable the wooden frame or Aluminium/ SS profile to be fixed onto it. Similarly the adjoining vertical surfaces should be made perfectly in 90 deg.
  • Alumnium/ Stainless steel profiles or wooden frame has to be fixed on all 4 sides or as mentioned in the Architect's detail.
  • 10mm to 12mm toughened glass of required sized are then placed within the profile and the profile assembly is fixed. Rubber or PVC strips are used as a cushion between the glass and profile sections.In case of wooden frame beading of suitable sizes are fixed on either sides of the glass partitions to support and hold the glass.
  • To obtain the look of frameless glass the profiles or wooden framing/ beading can be concealed within the floor, vertical surfaces and false ceiling.
  • In case of semi glazed or half height partitions the glass framing starts from above the partition whereas other details remains the same as in case of full height partitions as mentioned above.
  • The joints in between the glass panels are finally filled with clear silicon to conclude the job.