Solidwood flooring refers to hardwood flooring made from one solid piece of lumber . It is generally used in residences or few areas of commercial spaces where elegant warm look is required. Solidwood planks are available in various thicknesses,sizes, gloss levels & surface treatments.Solidwood flooring needs to be fixed onto properly prepared subfloors the process of which & necessary care to be taken is as mentioned below:

  • In regions with extreme climate Solidwood flooring should be bought into the area where its is to be installed 48 to 72 hours prior to installation to allow necessary expansion or contraction to happen. Laminated flooring should be done after the completion of painting work.
  • Entire area where flooring needs to be done shoud be properly levelled and made smooth to nullify the irregular weight and stress on wooden planks after installation thus avoiding cracks or breakages later on.
  • A moisture barrier such as thick polythene sheet should be laid on concrete floor to avoid any dampness or moisture penetrating upto the new flooring.
  • 3/4" thick plywood sheets shoud be laid on the floor with staggered joints and power nailed into the concrete floor. The plywood used should be exterior grade/ marine plywood to resist moisture and prevent the same penetrating into the new flooring.
  • The Solidwood planks should be then laid and fixed with staggered joints with a nominal required space towards the end for expansion spacers.
  • Appropriate transition profiles  like skirting (where laminated flooring terminates towards a wall or vertical surface) or reducers/ T profile (where laminated flooring ends towards another flooring material with/without level difference) should be fixed to conclude the work.