Carpet flooring is mostly used in formal areas where the kind of circulation movement is gentle. It acts as a sound absorbent and prevents the noise which occurs while walking on floor. Hence it is mostly preferred in offices' workstation areas, conference rooms, banquet halls, high end retail shops etc. It is available in roll form as well as tile form as selection is done depending upon the area of use. Composition of carpet can be polypropylene or else nylon, the latter being more durable.

Carpet installation should be done after painting & polishing work. Laying carpet  is a very easy process as mentioned below:

  • The base floor is first levelled and made smooth using cement sluury. All cracks or holes has to be properly filled to avoid any damage to carpet after laying.
  • The carpet can then be laid as per the required pattern or orientation using suitable adhesive.
  • In bigger floor areas where the electrical/ data points and junction boxes are placed on floors, proper cut outs for accessing the same has to be made in carpets which can then be covered by suitable cover plates.
  • Trimming & cutting of carpet towards the end portions needs to be done neatly to conclude the job.