Fire Alarm systems are installed in commercial building to warn the occupants of a possible fire and take suitable measures to tackle the same accordingly. Fire Alarm system mainly comprises of the following in addition to few miscellaneous items supporting it:

  • Heat/ Smoke/ Fire detectors : These are mounted on false ceiling to sense the smoke or fire within a particular zone around them.
  • Fire Alarm panel : It is a hub where all the smoke/ fire detectors are connected to cables. It recieves signal and relays the same to speakers, hooters or other audio appliances. Fire alarm panel are of 2 types, Semi Addressable & Addressable fire panel.Semi Addressable fire panels points out signal for a particular zone whereas Addressable fire panels points out signal to a specific point/ detector location.
  • Speakers/ Hooters: These recieve signal from the Fire alarm panel and emit sound or recorded messages as a warning sign to the users or occupants.

Process of installation of fire alarm system involves the following steps:

  • Identifying the location for fire alarm panel.
  • Carrying out conduiting and cabling work from the specified locations of smoke/ fire detectors upto the Fire alarm panel.
  • Carrying out conduiting and cabling work from Fire alarm panel upto the Speakers or hooters.
  • After the cabling work is done partition and false ceiling work can be completed.
  • All required fixtures such as smoke detectors, speakers and panels should be installed or fitted after the 1st coat of painting is done.

Also manual push buttons can be installed to generate signal for fire alarm. Such buttons are encased in a glass box with small hammer for breaking.

This is done to prevent any misuse or false alarming.


Fire fighting systems can be water based or gas based depending on the area to be catered. Most commonly adopted are:

  • Fire Extinguishers: These are cylinders filled with pressurised CO2 gas and are placed at suitable locations to take control over small fire hazzards.
  • Sprinkler system : In commercial buildings with larger floor areas this system is used in which piping (for water) is done above false ceiling in entire area with outlet points to cover individual area or zone.From these outlet points flexible pipes are taken upto sprinkler heads which are fixed below false ceiling at planned locations.
  • FM 200 : This is a waterless fire protection system and are used in areas of high importance where the data or equipments need to be preserved and at the same time avoid use of water for fire protection as water can damage the data or equipments.For eg. Data centres, Telecom centres etc are places where FM 200 is preferred. In this case necessary conduiting is done from the smoke /fire detectors upto fire panel and from fire panel upto the FM200 kit which recieves signal and discharges the compound to suppress the fire within 10 seconds.In addition it is also provided with a manual control to initiate the fire suppression process.