Modular grid ceiling as the name suggests comprises of square or rectangular mineral fibre tiles or metal tiles placed over suspended metal frame. The most common size of tile adopted in offices and other commercial spaces are 600mmx600mm. These tiles are also available in bigger sizes as per various manufacturer's make. Modular grid ceiling system is prefereed only for commercial areas such as malls & offices as it not only provides a formal look but also helps in maintainance of various services such as airconditioning, electrical, firefighting which run above the false ceiling. This is due to the fact that the ceiling tiles can be easily removed from the frame and can be placed again. The process of installation of grid ceiling involves the following steps:

  • Modular grid ceiling level is determined and marked on the surrounding vertical surfaces and is checked for its true horizontality.
  • Anchor fasteners are fixed on the slab for suspending hangers or rods at 1200mm c/c.
  • Hangers or rods are then suspended or fixed into the Anchor fasteners. The distance of last hanger from the adjacent wall should not ne greater than 450mm.
  • Hot dipped Galvanised steel suspension system comprising of main runner (which is  fixed into suspended hangers) and cross Tees ( interlocked into main runner) is assembled as per required grid size of 600mmx600mm or 1200mmx600mm as required.
  • Perimeter wall sections is also fixed onto the wall aligned with the the main frame.
  • The ceiling tiles are then placed and minor snags related to the alignment of framing is checked and rectified to conclude the job.

The grid ceiling system is available in many features and details. For example the framing can be slightly recessed with respect to the level of ceiling tiles or it can be flushed w.r.t the ceiling tiles. Also further designs are available for the suspension system as well as the ceiling tiles.