Electrical work must be carried out with wires, DBs etc conforming to ISO standards. The process for carrying out electrical work is as follows:

  •  Route of electrical cabling is from Electric meter to Electric panel ( In case of bigger areas with more electrical load), from Electric panel to Distribution boards, from distribution boards to individual swith plates/ sockets and finally from Swith plates to respective lighting & ventilation units.
  • Seperate circuits should be taken for Raw power, lighting and UPS.
  • Seperate circuits should be taken for individual rooms or areas.
  • Provision of Conduits, electrical raceways and ceiling trays need to be provided before the flooring and false ceiling works. Chasing can be done on walls for concealing the conduits.
  • Cable pulling is then done as per the number of circuits and points required.
  • As per the electrical loading or current carrying capacity electrical wires of 1.5sqmm, 2.5sqmm, 4sqmm etc should be used. Generally 1.5 sqmm is used for wiring from switch boards to respective points, 2.5-4 sqmm is used for circuit wiring, 4 sqmm and above for appliances such as air conditioners etc.
  • Wire termination into switch plates, DBs, electrical fixtures is done during the final coat of paint.