Doors are designed as per the location and function of a particular area. Most common types of doors and their finishing are are follows:

  • Full Glass doors : These doors comprising of toughened glass are mostly used for commercial & corporate areas as it provides a neat formal look and offers visual connectivity between areas.
  • Partly glazed & Partly solid doors: These doors are designed in a combination of wood and glass and can be used for few locations of commercial and residential areas.
  • Full Solid wooden doors: These are generally used as entrance doors to residences and offices as it offers more strength along with added feature of aesthetics.Normally made in Teakwood.
  • Flush doors with paint/ laminate/ veneer : These are commenly used for internal doors where strength is not the main priority. It is either finished in paint, laminate or veneer depending upon the design & budget.

 Doors can be either of openable ( swing) type or sliding type. For swing doors Fixing of doors can be either done with:

  •  Hinges, which is normally preferred for wooden or flush doors where the hinges are screwed into the door on one end and to the rebate of surrounding frame on the other end.
  • Pivot , which is adopted for glass doors. In this case the door swings on pivots fixed into the patch fittings of doors  with  the bottom floor box and top fitting ( fiited at the lintel level).

 In case of sliding doors top and bottom tracks has to be laid which acts as a guiding track rail for the sliding doors. The top and bottom tracks are usually concealed to give a neat appearance.