Air conditioning unit comprises of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Copper piping and electric cable are connected between both these units. There is a water drain pipe from the indoor unit which needs to be properly routed either into the floor drain or on exterior side. Commonly used types are:

  • Hi wall or split unit : In which there is an indoor unit which is hung on the wall and outdoor unit placed or mounted externally. It is preferred and mostly used in residences. In offices or other commercial buildings it is used specially for rooms or cabins which require individual control. The advantage is that it can be turned on and off or regulated for areas as per the use and requirement.
  • Ductable unit :In which there is an indoor unit and outdoor unit and ducting which starts from indoor unit upto individual rooms or areas for supply of conditioned air. It is used in larger floor areas where a typical working & time pattern is followed by offices, malls etc where individual space control or regulation is not required.

For either of the above case the process for carrying out air conditioning work is as mentioned below:

  • Concealed works related to copper piping & electrical cabling from indoor unit & outdoor unit must be carried out through a properly planned route. Also drain pipe routing should be done either into the nearest floor drain or upto external side by maintaining required slope.
  • In case of ductable units the entire G.I. ducting work has to be done as suggested by the consultant. All ducting joints needs to be properly sealed.The entire duct needs to be insulated properly to avoid condensation.
  • In case of ductable system the indoor machine is placed above the false ceiling and an access door is provided for its maintainance and servicing.
  • After all the above mentioned concealed works are done final partitions or false ceiling works can be completed.
  • In case of HiWall units the indoor machine is hung after the wall finishing on brackets provided by the manufacturer.
  • Finally the outdoor units are mounted on external facade of the building on  supports provided by the manufacturer.
  • The copper piping and electrical cabling is terminated into the indoor and outdoor units to conclude the job.