Access control systems are installed usually in offices and other commercial facilities to restrict or control the entry of unwanted visitors directly into the work area. It can also be used for main entrances of High end residential project demanded by client for private security. Most commonly used systems are:

  • Access card reading system : In which cards are provided to individuals as their identification.
  • Biometric system : In which the reader machine senses fingerprints, retina or voice of an individual.


The basic components of access control system and their functions are as follows:

  • Proximity cards: The are cards alloted to individuals (as their identity) to be placed on card readers 
  • Card reader or Biometric reader: This reads the card or finger impression and  relays the same to Access control panel.
  • Access control panel : This panel is connected to various card readers of a facility. It verifies the data recieved and sends instruction back to the door locking system.
  • Door locks : These are electromagnetic locks which recieve signal from the control panel and accordingly helps the door to open.


The process for installation of access control system is as follows:

  • Identifying the location of control panel and carrying out concealed conduiting and cabling works from Readers machines to Access control panel and from access control panels upto the locations of electromagnetic locks.
  • After  concealed cabling works are done, the partitions and false ceiling works needs to be completed.
  • Before or during 2nd coat of painting the Access control panel and card readers are mounted.
  • Electromagnetic lock fixing can be done only after the doors are fixed.
  • It is preferable to give electric supply to access control system through UPS to avoid any unauthorized entry in case of electric failure.